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Internet School Implementation Consultant

Dedicated online school system

Turn your school into an online school

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Build smart internet classes

Classes are designed in a completely professional and intelligent way, and the teacher no longer needs to manage his class after uploading the videos of his lessons, and only by providing a smart address to all students through his user system, students enter the class. It teaches itself and the teacher can take a test from the students after passing a class and make it a condition of permission for the next class to pass the previous lesson test, in which case the students' scientific base becomes very strong and they enter the base with a high scientific level. Become their next.

Provide online portfolio to parents and students

The teacher or school staff has the opportunity to prepare a transcript for the student and provide it to parents and students through the system.

Provide student attendance

The teacher can attend attendance online and the student attendance list can be provided online to the student and the student's parents.

Hold smart test with 8 methods

Has 8 types of questions for the test:

Has 8 types of single-choice questions, multiple choice, free text, sorting, matching, article, fill in the blanks And polling.

Assign a dedicated server to each school

Free one year support

After purchasing the online school system, you will use the facilities of the system with ease, and if you encounter an error or problem, you can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to solve the problem. So do not worry, we are by your side.

Upload training

If the school principal wishes, it is possible for us to upload the educational files of different courses. This is especially recommended for schools where schoolteachers are reluctant to record instructional videos, and we can prepare the desired class files and upload them to the school system.

Dedicated web address for each school

By ordering the online school, a specific address (domain) will be assigned to your school.

School transportation service management

In the online school system, there is the ability to manage transportation routes and school services by the school principal, and the information will be provided to parents and students with the permission of the school principal.

Supervision of the school principal on the performance of all teachers and students

Unlike face-to-face training, where it was not possible to monitor the performance of classroom content, the online school has the full ability for the school principal to have full control over the accurate performance of teachers and students.

Free notification of the principal and teacher to the student

With an online school, principals and teachers can easily provide free information to a student or a class, and there is even the ability for the student to communicate with their teacher and ask questions of their teacher.

Send students smart homework

In the online school, this feature is intended for students to submit their homework in their user system and deliver it to their teacher.

Ability to limit efforts

You can set a limit for the number of times your user can take each test.

High system security

According to the security measures provided for the online school system, you will not have any worries about the security of the information in the system, and even all the usernames of the system and the server will be available to the school so that there is no worry about information theft.

High system speed

Given that each school is given a dedicated server, so with the addition of the school and the student to the online school system, there will be no shortage of speed for the school and each school will use its own capacity.

Dedicated school website

By purchasing an online school system, in addition to owning an online school, you also own a personal website for your school.

User profiles

The online school system provides strong user profiles for students, so administrators and users can See what courses they have access to, how far they have progressed, how they have performed on the test, and Even administrators can reprint user certificates, and you as an administrator can quickly And easily manage your users with the following features in managing your site:

1. Ability to register and not register any user in the courses 2. Ability to reprint certificates 3. Ability to assign users to different groups manually 4. Ability to manage user privileges 5. Ability to delete lesson data 6. Ability to modify usernames, emails, passwords and more 7. Ability to mark and not mark courses, lessons and tests as completed or not

Ability to certify users

You can provide your users with valid certificates with your school logo and make them available to users as Provide them with a certificate for completing your courses.

Automatic display of test results

Test results are immediately prepared and displayed to users

Ability to provide a guide or point to the answer

You can reply as the user goes through the steps with the help of text, video and image. Guide and point correctly.

Time constraints

Ability to limit and track the amount of time users spend taking the test.


The system has a web version and application and each school is given a dedicated application. Students and all staff can use the features of the system both through the web version and through the application.

Money back guarantee

Receive payment after complete system setup and delivery to you

The good news for all Internet school customers is that since each Internet school is given a dedicated host, there will be no problem in terms of slowness and speed.

Yes, in this system, it is possible to design a test with 8 question methods, as well as creating random questions, etc.

Our recommendation is not to use online education because Iran’s bandwidth is low and causes a lot of disconnection and connection, and that teachers and students are limited in time and must be online at a specific time. But at the same time, it is possible to activate live online education.

No – The online school system can be used for schools, colleges, universities, etc.


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