Graphic consultant


Taha Pardazan will be with you step by step in all stages of graphic work so that you can have the best output.

Although Taha Pardazan Consulting Group has not started its activity in the field of graphic design for a long time, but in this short period of time, it has been able to work quickly and creatively with perseverance and employing young and creative people, and by knowing the market and business environment. It attracted a lot of customers and always satisfied them. Young and Creative Afragraphic Group started its activity in 1392 and offers unique services in various sections of catalog design, catalog printing, multimedia design, page layout, printing and graphic design.

Why should you consult before starting graphic design?

Get advice not to invent the wheel from scratch. The site layout knows how to build a site but they do not know you. He does not have accurate information about the industry, field of work, attitudes, problems, expectations and even the budget. So without advice, something will be created whose hammering may come at the cost of rebuilding it. So the first benefit of consulting is knowing enough about the process of what you are going to offer or offer on your site.


This is the pre-start-up phase in which the target market and the activities performed by colleagues and competitors are studied and their strengths and weaknesses are evaluated. A process has been held during which the general idea of the project in relation to "how to visually deal with the project", "work stoppage" or "initial structure of the project" is made and discussed. , Plan and technology plan provide a conceptual plan for budgeting


Advice to reduce mistakes

Experience has shown that most conflicts between the client and the employer are caused by the lack of knowledge of the parties about each other's situation and as a result of vague mentalities of the parties towards each other. Legal contracts and agreements, although in the course of any work in which two or more parties are involved, can clearly define the duties and obligations of the parties, but for this issue you need to act carefully and obsessively, and this is where a good consultant plays an important role. Minimizes differences that may be prolonged.

Work samples

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